Collecting Thoughts

What follows are a collection of FB postings where represent Brad’s thoughts about commitment and pursuit of excellence.

22-AUG-2016 – There are not many things more inspiring and emotional than human performance and sport? Individuals and teams committing, investing and sacrificing untold hours and resources to their personal growth and overall development while chasing their dreams. Taking chunks of their lives to pursue that dream. Laying it out there on the field of play for all to witness. Going head to head with the clock, measurement and other outstanding and driven competitors, all experiencing the agony of defeat along with the reward and total joy of success. People of different color, ethnicity, religion, beliefs and backgrounds battling it out head to head with respect and the understanding that it will take their best to give them a chance to win. In the end there are winners and those that learn about themselves and find ways to get better when they don’t (“I either WIN or I LEARN”). Sport and performance has had a key role in molding my personality and character as it has for many others. It is the process…the planning, preparation, discipline, accountability, respect and work-ethic that goes into it. Sport is not war, it is a fierce battle with respect void of fear of someone taking your life. Our world can learn much from it! (Click for video)

20-AUG-2016 – Well, what a summer of sports! First the Tour de France in July and then the Olympics, I’ve never sat in front of the TV so much….but always found the time to train which is a good thing – after-all, it was great additional motivation as well! I love the video they produce…here is a great ‘Hip’ one too. (Click for video)

19-AUG-2016 – A Happy Friday hello to my family and friends here at home and away! Take care. (Click for video)

19-AUG-2016 – A nice story to help you have a great day leading into an even better weekend. It’s the little things that make a big difference! (Click for video)

14-AUG-2016 – A great message for all…”Be who you are!” (Click for video)

11-AUG-2016 – A great story on Michael Phelps and the issues surrounding his family and swimming career along with personal battles, DUI, depression and even considering suicide. A really good feature story. (Click for video)