5 P’s = Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

Completing 7040 kms (4300 miles) in under 28 days by bicycle across the USA will require us to bike 12-14 hours a day covering about 260 kms each day. From experience we know it will require as much mental fortitude as physical toughness. Time in the saddle and spinning the pedals on a proper bike set-up is crucial for success. Here are some of the fitness routines and bike specific training we will be doing leading into the race in June 2017:

training 2016-07-29

Regular Gym sessions with weight training, circuit training, yoga, plyometrics, etc

Indoor Bike Training Sessions on stationary bikes, on bike trainers, and in spin classes

Winter Mountain Bike Outdoor Rides

Regular Riding for time and distance on road bikes with increased focus in the Spring of 2017 from March onward.

Nutritional focus is also important to fuel energy for performance and for rest/recovery as well as for weight management. Hydration is also important.

Lastly, lots of sleep!