About the Race

Trans Am Pic 1

The Trans Am Bike Race is a non-stop, self-supported road race along the 7040 km TransAmerica Trail starting June 3, 2017 in Astoria Oregon and finishing in Yorktown Virginia. Trans Am racers must carry everything they need to survive – warm clothes, wet weather gear, sleeping equipment, food, water and more. As is the case for most bike-packing events, riders are allowed to make use of commercial services along the route but support crews or team cars are definitely not allowed. Riders alone have to find their own food and water, sort out bike issues out in the wilderness with frozen hands, carry all the equipment and spares they need to be safe, and find safe places to catch a few hours of sleep along the way.

The course is an established bike touring route running coast-to-coast across the United States. The route traverses ten states from the Pacific to the Atlantic. It’s popular with cycle tourists who typically bite off chunks of the route to ride in their holidays. In 2014 a few riders, experienced in similar adventures, posed the question, “how fast can we ride it?” and decided to race it for the first time. 2016 will be the third installment of the race.

Riders will typically sleep for only four hours a night and push through tiredness, fatigue and injury in order to get to the end. These events redefine what the word “motivation” means. Riders must deal with the fear of sleeping in grizzly bear country, tackle the high mountains of Colorado, battle the winds of the great plains, cope with riding through snow, handle the non-stop stress of being chased 24-7 and still keep moving. At the same time riders get a concentrated touring experience through some of the highlights of the North American outdoors.