Day 15

Sunday, June 16th: After 15 days and 104.3 miles today (167.9 km), Brad and Dan stopped for the night in 10 km south of Hartsel, CO. They have completed 1,919.0 miles (3,088.3 km) of #TABR2019. That translates to about 45.7% of the race is behind them at an average of 128.1 miles daily (206.1 km). In 2017, Brad raced in #TABR2017. On Day 15 in 2017, he was at the 1,652.3-mile mark (2,659.1 km) in the race. This year he is 266.7 miles (429.2 km) ahead of #TABR2017. Go Brad Go (and Dan too)!