Thoughts from Brad on June 26th

Hi Everyone.

Alexis and I have completed over 4300 kms of the Trans Am Bike Race in the last 3 weeks and three days cycling every day and almost all day! We are a bit behind schedule but are very enthusiastic and excited to continue to push toward the finish in Yorktown Virginia and get there as soon as possible.

Some notes:

  1. Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and now Kansas are behind us. We enter Missouri Tuesday morning followed by Illinois, Kentucky, and Virginia.
  2. 58 riders have dropped from the race thus far. It is tough – the weather and the route has caused issues.
  3. Our rear ends hurt every day!
  4. Alexis had only one ride for a distance of 75 miles prior to starting this event after her hockey season ended in March and a season ending shoulder surgery set her back some into May. She has now completed the 4300 kms so far like a pro! I am so impressed with her determination, enthusiasm and fitness level.
  5. We’ve slept on the ground at the side of the route numerous times and the last four days straight. Today it caught up to us some as we were sluggish but we still managed another 192 km day!
  6. We eat everything and anything to give us calories, some good and some bad. We burn about 8000 calories a day and sometimes more – it is difficult to consume that much and often we cannot. It is hard to find good food on the route or find places at all to eat!
  7. Many people in every state are following, watching the dots and running out to the road to greet us and get pictures etc.
  8. We’ve met wonderful people, seen some great things, and are experiencing things that will be hard to explain – it has been simply awesome thus far.

Our goal is to finish as soon as we can. As important, we aspire to encourage you and others to get active, start moving more and more often and improve your eating habits. We also hope to positively influence children in our community to do the same. Please consider making a one time tax deductible donation to our campaign to assist the IWK in implementing programs to help. So far together WE have raised $17000 and we need to raise more! If you are able, I do hope you can make a donation as soon as possible at and if you have already done so we truly do thank you!

Thank you for your excitement in following our ride – it gives us strength!

Alexis and Brad
Team Crossley – from the road leading to success!