Reflection – Alexis 6-JUN-2017

Since it’s rest day, I actually have a few minutes to spare to write some important thoughts that I’ve had over the past few days.

First, the lengths that your body is willing to go without letting you down is absolutely incredible. On the first day, I did my longest ever bike ride…. in fact, I doubled it!!! And then did it all over again yesterday.

Second, even more incredible than the lengths my body has been able to go to, is the ability of my brain to match it. Last night is a perfect example…. we spent a LONG slow day of biking to get to the beginning of McKenzie Pass (5300ft climb, after 124 miles already for the day). We didn’t even start the climb until 7:15pm.. and it was 22 miles of straight climbing. Before even getting to the beginning of the pass, I had thought of asking dad if we should just camp at the bottom and go the next day, but decided to push on. In the first 7 miles, we contemplated stopping to camp twice, but decided that since we had started we might as well just go for it. Something inside us drove us to keep pushing and reach the summit… which we did, eventually! Around midnight we reached the top, and enjoyed the views (lava rocks, small peaks, 12ft snow banks, and more) as we could see everything because of a full moon shining. On the descent, it was pitch black, our lights were nearly out of battery and temperatures were below freezing. We were numb to the core when we got to the bottom, but.. we did it!

A well deserved and well needed 70km day today, a good nights sleep, some ice and ibuprofen and good food to fuel us for another 160 mile day again tomorrow.

Thanks for following, sending positive thoughts, and supporting us every step of the way, we couldn’t do it without you. Go Team Crossley!