Our Race Plan and a “Gift for Kids”:

Team Crossley IWK Trans Am Bike Race Update #5

Dear Friends,

As of Saturday February 25th we have 14 full weeks to the Trans Am Bike Race start on June 3. Alexis and I have had a solid winter of training to date and are about to ramp up the bike training with the hope of better and warmer weather on the horizon. Alexis is always in fantastic physical condition for hockey and is training religiously off ice as well at Boston U. She has also added regular weekly bike rides to stay familiar with the seat. I believe I am in the best physical and mental shape I’ve been in in 20 years and have been putting in consistent days running the roads and biking inside on the trainer with occasional mountain bike rides on trail. Both of us plan on some very very long rides through April and May and I have two good friends just outside of Boston who plan to do some rides with Alexis during her last few months of schooling.

To give you an indication of our plan and early days on the bike once we begin our journey from Astoria Oregon: The race starts at 6am on June 3. We plan to start out conservatively over the first week. By conservative, we hope to put in a minimum of 250 kms (156 miles) a day at an average pace of 20km per hour. That would place us on the bike for likely 13 hours a day, rising and being on the road daily before sunrise. The days will be longer than that as we will have gear and body maintenance to concern ourselves with – eating, hydrating, a few rest/stretch breaks and bike repairs as needed. There are many 100 mile stretches without ‘re-fueling’ stops and even if there are we have to hope someone is home and the places are open. We will sleep in Bivy Sacks either off the side of the road, in camp grounds, on picnic tables or in church yards, we can also sleep in churches, fire stations, hostels and motels along the route as needed. Our plan is to find a motel or something with a shower every three to five days just to ‘freshen’ up and clean our gear. We will have minimal equipment with us and will wear the same clothing for most of the race (basically a pair of bike shorts, shirt, long sleeve jersey and a rain jacket for 28 days or less). We likely will forward a ‘new kit’ of bike clothing to Newton Bike Shop in Kansas located at the halfway point of the race – just over 2000 miles in! Alexis will surely want to be cleaner than I care to be on an adventure like this.

Based on research, the route can be broken down into three segments: The Western Rockies (long mountain climbs to 11000 feet – rain and snow cover) through Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado, the flat farm country across Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois (high winds and extreme heat), then the rolling hills and steep Appalachian climbs from Kentucky through Virginia (rains and steep climbs). We will be controlling our pace and at times will be at the mercy of some horrible weather. We still plan to go as hard as possible and have set 28 days as our goal but will work to finish under that, after-all it is a race, and we will be challenged by other teams and individual racers along the route. The fun part is that if we don’t see them we can track them via a dot on trackleaders.com and know exactly where all are right down to the street corner. You will be able to follow us the same way throughout the race as well!

Since our last newsletter we have partnered with a Key Sponsor, JW Lindsay Enterprises and are buoyed by our wonderful Supporting Sponsors: Giant Bicycles Halifax, Burrito Jax, Dasani Water, Honey & Ginger Healthy Selections, Cole Harbour Foundation, Alexander Keith’s Brewery, Bluewater Agency, and the Resop Family. We are seeking two more supporting sponsors to round out our team and look forward to announcing them to you in the very near future. We do have various on-site promotions planned at sponsor locations over the coming months so stay tuned for more details.

In regard to our fund-raising goals to create awareness and assist the IWK Health Center in programming for children experiencing physical, mental and emotional health issues brought on by inactivity, poor nutrition, and limited access to resources and programs we are campaigning hard as of now! Without tip-toeing around – WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! MORE IMPORTANTLY CHILDREN IN OUR COMMUNITY NEED YOU! WE NEED TO TACKLE THESE ISSUES HEAD ON NOW!

PLEASE DONATE (hopefully motivated by our efforts and enthusiasm) to the IWK for active healthy living programs through teamcrossley.ca! Any amount helps and it is tax deductible with receipts given immediately upon payment.

Go to teamcrossley.ca and ciick the ‘Donate’ button top right
Follow the prompts
Consider an amount noted on the site, pick a personal amount you are comfortable with, or for fun how about…
Donate $1 for every day we expect to ride. 28 days = $28.00
Donate 1 cent for each mile of the ride. 4400 miles = $44.00
Donate 1 cent for each km of the ride. 7000 kms = $70.00
Donate more if you wish 🙂 !

Alexis and I are sending this out to over 3000 people via various sources. Could you imagine the impact we can make together and the positive influence we can have on children if everyone got involved in this! Dollars, tens of dollars or more – it all is important to what we are doing – helping others find health and happiness. Please join our team and help us help others! We can’t do it without you. If you have already donated – thank you very much.

Scroll up to the ‘Donate’ button top right. Ready, set….Go!

The best to you, with sincere gratitude and thanks.

Alexis and Brad

(Please feel free to forward this to your connections whom you believe may be interested in our journey)