Negativity and Faith

Origin not clear but duplicated from the WebNegativity and Faith…a Mid-week Wandering Thought

There is so much craziness going on around us these days that if you let it in it will quickly grow and take you over. I avoid negativity like the plague that it is. I live a stress free life and only worry about the things I control like being personally responsible, accountable, respectful, organized, punctual, trustworthy, healthy, caring and hard working.

Even then, I don’t worry because I do so out of habit. I sleep like a baby every night and wake up with purpose and passion every morning. Before I do anything I make sure it feels right, it has a purpose, and I always try to consider how it will be perceived and affect others.

Worry is wasteful and often unnecessary. Have faith, faith that those around you will make the right choices. We live in an imperfect world that challenges our being but you need to have faith.

Have faith that others have the strength of character to know what is right and will do their best to make it so.

Have faith that, although events and times challenge our resolve, things will eventually be sorted out and problems solved for the betterment of all.

Have faith in yourself and search for it in others as well as in the situations that test us and faith will reward you more times than not. Believe and it can be so!

Posted in Facebook by Brad Crossley on February 1, 2017