Some Active Healthy Living Thoughts!


Health, Fitness, Nutrition and Weight Loss:

Don’t these words roll off the tongue sounding wonderful! We say it easily and picture the goodness in it vividly yet for too many they are just words. They are ‘just words’ because in reality it takes effort, enthusiasm, commitment and consistency to experience and live it rather than just speak of it!

As a Physical Education Teacher and one who has trained extensively for decades, studied nutrition, is consistently researching, and has experienced weight gain and loss, I have a good understanding of these things. Health, fitness, and nutrition has to be a lifestyle, meaning you have to think it and live it consistently each and every day to experience its benefits. You have to sacrifice some things, say no to others, and make tough intelligent choices that assist you, sometimes choices that may not be popular inside your circle of family and friends. To start though you must make a decision that you NEED it rather than want it, the NEED has to be greater than the want, and you have to set out to learn more, make a plan and believe in you and your future self…then you gotta HUSTLE!

Some of my thoughts that may help you:
1) Decide that “I need this!”
2) Start reading, researching, and asking for help but get started now!
3) Hustle! Get moving, get the heart rate up, get a sweat on for a minimum of 30 minutes a day to start. Start with every second day, two days on with one off, use your lunch time 5 days a week, get up earlier and get moving in the morning before work, do it as soon as you get home from work, go 6 days a week and take one off. There are many choices but you gotta ‘Hustle’ and do so consistently.
4) Eat like a Caveman/woman! Select natural foods from land or sea, immediately reduce (or eliminate) sugars, breads, potato, starches, fried food, processed food, soda, sugary desserts. Eat Steel Cut Oatmeal or eggs and veggies for breakfast, pack a healthy lunch with lots of protein, veggies, and fresh fruit, eat an early light supper avoiding junk foods (some as noted) and load up on water and fresh veggies throughout the day and snack on something fresh and healthy in the evening (veggies/an apple…water).
5) Avoid eating big meals after 6pm and going to bed full.learn-discipline
6) Get lots of sleep
7) Drink a large glass of water as soon as you wake up and often throughout the day.
8) Have a baggie of fresh beans, celery, broccoli, carrots readily available to snack on throughout the day and keep a bottle of water close.
9) Use a smaller plate at meal time and eat less at single sittings and more often throughout the day.
10) Plan your day the night before, prepare your meals in advance, and commit to/set a time that you will get a workout in as well – set your gear out so it is ready and waiting for you when you get up.
11) Avoid eating at restaurants (at least choose Healthy Foods!) and know that sometimes you gotta say no to the treats in the staff room and at the party (I often say no to the party which is not the popular choice).
12) Master your Mind! Smells, visuals, and often the thought of the foods that taste so good yet may not be good for you or stand in the way of meeting your goals…you have to be mentally tough and train your mind to help your body say No (or Yes! when it comes to getting the exercise in)! When you win the battle over your mind and do so consistently you will feel so much better about yourself and will be holding your course toward where you need to be and how you need to feel.
13) Know that it is ok to take a rest day, pamper yourself, or have a cheat meal once a week as a reward.

Keeping it simple for you: Good Whole Foods, Less Calories In, Increased and me-sponsibleConsistent Exercise will lead to improved Health, Fitness, and Weight Loss.

I love to eat as much as anyone and can enjoy fast foods, pizzas, donairs, breads, pastas, sugars, beer and huge meals like no other! In the middle of July I knew I wasn’t happy with my weight/size. I decided I needed to make a change and guess what…it sucked! It sucked but I stuck with it, stuck with it until I started to see some results, until I started to feel lighter and faster, until my belt went in a notch or two, until someone took notice, until I realized the sacrifices I made to experience those results really weren’t a big deal after-all and until I started to feel better about being me! So, now my body and habits are getting used to the 174 lbs and the drop of 23 lbs. I’ve reset my goal to break 170 and I will be happy but not content as the challenge will be to stay there. For the things I do and events I participate in, weight is the enemy and I fight it every day. Feel the need, start the hustle, commit, win over your mind and you too can experience the ‘goodness’! You got this!